Monday, March 1, 2010


When life is like a standstill,
and you yearn fate,

Just love yourself too much,
Fate will be the most beautiful!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Every person is born as a different individual and with a behaviour distinct to himself.An impatient is quite so common personality often known as short tempered or easily-angered.

Patience is a gift of god if we have it in our nature.But there is a lot about patience in life. There is a quote saying "God is with the patient" and life gives many chances to believe it is true.

The patience to wait,the patience to listen,patience to withstand,the patience to comes as a test in different aspects of our life.As you find it you can see how it brings a positive attitude in life,the outcome is a more more happy heart,less stressful life,more passionate love etc.

This 8 lettered character i have seen sustaining and building a family when a wife of a rude,arrogant man possess it,persisting some to keep working when they had already worked too hard.It can bring back love and is capable of sustaining hardships..

I remember how this attitude from my friend destroyed the chances to a friendship breakdown when i had thrown out my fury at him.Moreover,it just made the relationship too good.

Patience has to be practised in life.It is a golden branch in the faith tree.It builds up a good personality in you and makes life easier and lot happier!